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20+ Machinery For Construction Industry: With Images and Uses

✔ This article provides information on the 15 most popular machinery for construction industry.  In the construction field, different types of machinery might be heavy, light, or medium. Machinery is used to make work faster, easier, and more convenient.

✔ To make any project economical, machines play a vital role by reducing workers’ numbers and performing work in a short time more efficiently.



20+ Popular Machinery For Construction Industry  

✔ We have provided a table of 15 popular machinery for construction industry with the image and use of each type.

Name Image  Use
1. Excavators Used for digging trenches or excavation work.
2. Backhoe Used for excavation and moving heavy debris.
3. Dragline Excavator Used for surface mining.
4. Dump Trucks Used for transporting construction materials.
5. Loaders  Used for loading materials into trucks, laying pipe, clearing rubble, and digging.
6. Bulldozers  Used for shallow digging, leveling, and ditching.
7. Trenchers Used to dig trenches.
8. Tower Cranes Used to hoist and move heavy items and materials
9. Pavers Used to make roads, driveways, patios, walkways, and other outdoor platforms.
10. Feller Bunchers  Used in logging.
11. Compactors Used to compact the materials like in road.
12. Wheel Tractor Scraper Used to remove or move gravel, dust, coal, mud, and other unwanted material from the ground surface.
13. Pile Boring Machine Used to drill/create piles in soil.
14. Pile Driving Machine Used to drive piles into the ground to create a foundation to support buildings and other large structures.
15. Telehandlers Used in heavy materials handling.
16. Concrete Mixer Truck Used to transport concrete from the plant to the site.
17. Concrete Pumps used in transporting concrete from the containers to where it is needed.
18. Cranes Used for lifting heavy objects.
19. Conveyors Used to transport materials horizontally on a construction site.
20. Generators Used in power production required at construction sites.
21. Compressors Used to power pneumatic tools like drills, road cleaners, etc.
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