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10+ Longest National Highways in India


✔ India has the second-largest road network in the world, covering a total distance of 5.89 million kilometers. This article will discuss the Longest National Highways in India.

✔ Highways are critical to the country’s growth, as they transport 90% of passengers and 64.5% of goods nationwide. National highways make up only 1.8% of India’s total road network.


Rank Highway Distance (km) Route
1 NH 44 (old NH 7) 3,745 Srinagar to Kanyakumari
2 NH 27 3,507 Porbandar, Gujarat to Silchar, Assam
3 NH 48 (old NH 8) 2,807 Delhi to Chennai
4 NH 52 2,317 Sangrur, Punjab to Ankola, Karnataka
5 NH 30 (Old NH 221) 2,040 Sitarganj, Uttarakhand to Ibrahimpatnam, AP
6 NH 6 1,873 Jorabat, Meghalaya to Selling, Mizoram
7 NH 53 1,781 Hajira, Gujarat to Paradip port, Odisha
8 NH 16 (Old NH 5) 1,711 East coast of West Bengal to Chennai, TN
9 NH 66 (Old NH 17) 1,622 Panvel to Kanyakumari
10 NH 19 (Old NH 20) 1,435 Delhi to Kolkata
11 NH 34 1,426 Gangotri Dham, Uttarakhand to Lakhnadon, MP
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A.  List of  Longest National Highways In India  


1. National Highway 44

✔ (National Highway 44) NH 44 is India’s longest national highway, joining 11 states and 30 big cities. and it extends from Srinagar(Jammu Kashmir) to Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu).

✔ National Highway 44 was constructed by joining seven National highways, creating India’s unbelievably longest highway for long drives and travel lovers.

NH 44 Total Distance: 3,745 km

National Highway 44
National Highway 44



2. National Highway 27

✔ (National Highway 27) NH 27 is India’s second longest national highway, which joins the eastern region of India with the western region. It also joins seven states and 47 big cities.

✔ NH 27 begins from Porbandar in Gujarat to Silchar in Assam and is viewed as the country’s economic pulse.

NH 27 Total Distance: 3,507  km

10+ Longest National Highways in India
National Highway 27



3. National Highway 48

✔ This National Highway joins the northern states with the southern states of India. NH 48  highway begins in New Delhi and finishes in Chennai.

✔ This is one of the essential and longest national highways in India. It is the most utilized national highway as it joins India’s central states and cities.

NH 48 Total Distance: 2,807  km

National Highway 48
National Highway 48



4. National Highway 52

✔ (National Highway 52) NH 52 is one of India’s longest national highways, from Sangrur, Punjab, to Ankola, Karnataka.

✔ It joins important states like Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

NH 52 Total Distance: 2,317  km

National Highway 52
National Highway 52



5. National Highway 30

✔ (National Highway 30) NH 30 is India’s main and safest national highway, with low accident casualties compared to other national highways.

✔ National Highway 30 joins Sitarganj in Uttarakhand with Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.

NH 30 Total Distance: 2,040 km

National Highway 30
National Highway 30



6. National Highway 6

✔ National Highway 6 is one of India’s essential and longest national highways, which runs through the northeastern part of India. It starts at Hajira, Gujarat, and ends at Kolkata, West Bengal.

✔ Under the new National Highway numbering system, NH 6 has been designated as Economic Corridor 1.

NH 6 Total Distance: 1,873 km

National Highway 6
National Highway 6



7. National Highway 53

✔ NH 53 connects Hajira, Gujarat, and Paradeep Port, Odisha. NH 53 transits India through significant states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha.

NH 53 Total Distance: 1,781 km

National Highway 53
National Highway 53



8. National Highway 16

✔ NH 16 is one of the longest national highways in India, which runs along states like West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu.

National Highway 16 is a part of the Golden Quadrilateral project.

NH 16 Total Distance: 1,711 km

National Highway 16
National Highway 16



9. National Highway 66

✔ NH 66 is a 4-lane National highway from Panvel, Maharashtra, to Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

✔ It also joins states like Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. It is one of India’s longest national highways and the most loved and traveled highway by tourists.

NH 66 Total Distance: 1,622 km

National Highway 66
National Highway 66



10. National Highway 19

✔ (National Highway 19) NH 19 extends between Delhi and Kolkata. It is a component of the Asian highway network that connects Tokyo with Turkey.

✔ National Highway 19 is one of India’s most active and longest National Highway in India.

NH 19 Total Distance: 1,435 km

National Highway 19
National Highway 19



B. Facts  

 India has the world’s second-largest road network.

 Main highways have 2-digit numbers, and three-digit highways are branches of the main ones.

 National highways are marked with yellow and white, state highways with green and white, and city highways with black and white.

 NH 118 and NH 548 are the shortest national highways.

The Leh-Manali Highway is the world’s second-highest motor highway, connecting Shimla to Leh.


Written By Er. Pratima Dangoriya
Verified By Er. Madhu Krishna Poudel
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